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Wholehearted Coaching for women who are made for more. Be with people who pull the magic out of you. 


Power, Pleasure & Freedom in your Business, Life & Bedroom



Wholehearted business coaching for the generous woman who's made for more. Build a coaching company that loves people well, transforms the world AND creates a life you love. 

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Pleasure is your birth right - but are you living in it? From fulfilling sex after the menopause to the sex ed you didn't get, to life enhancing orgasms, claim your pleasure now!

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You are the most important part of your business. Develop unshakeable confidence, live into your fullest expression and welcome peace and abundance into your life.


Meet Team Epic...


Christina Cass

Christina helps generous women who spend their life in 'give to others' mode, to create Power, Pleasure & Freedom in their Business, Life & Bedroom. 

Christina is the Founder & CEO of Epic Academy LTD, which supports female coaches to wealth in business, offers advanced leadership training and hosts her big love program - The Epic Love Journey. 

A Behavioural Practitioner & Master Trainer by trade means that animal behaviour and what drives a species to do what they do from a biological, neurological, nervous system and behavioural stand point is in her DNA - and humans are the most weird and wonderful animals of all!

Mix that with her obsession for the inescapable universal human experiences of sexuality, sensuality, eroticism, relating, love, desire, suffering, shame... and things get edgy peeps! 

Finally her personal drive for authenticity, self expression, emotional mastery and elevation, results in the Holy Matrimony that is Mama Cass!


A passionate, driven, inspiring, inclusive woman who has embraced her 'too muchness', learned to love the parts of herself she hated the most, and created a thriving business to take a fierce stand for you to remember your own majesty. 

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Dr Claire Macaulay

Claire is a self confessed sex science geek who is passionate about supporting people to create the kind of sex life that is right for them.


She is also an oncology doctor who treats people with breast cancer. 


Claire brings my a unique blend of compassion, fun and pragmatism to create sex-positive spaces where people feel safe to explore and thrive. Throwing away ideas of what people “should” be doing, I concentrate on what is meaningful and nourishing to each individual. 


Drawing on modalities as widespread as neo-tantra, orgasmic yoga (yes that’s a thing!), somatic sexology, Sexological Bodywork and erotic intelligence, alongside practical science and research.  ​

Claire has a particular interest in working with people who are in the perimenopausal or menopausal phase of life, whether naturally occurring or as a consequence of medical treatment.


She works with clients 1:1, in her signature group coaching programmes, delivers training to healthcare professionals on matters of sexuality and loves nothing more than speaking in public about all things sex.

Justine Shuurmans

To know that you have someone in corner with the skills and perspective to drive you forward is THE BEST feeling.


Christina is an incredible combo of sharp, empathetic and motivating.


I really LOVE that she's simultaneously able to push me to dive deeper into areas that need my attention, while also encouraging me to pull back in places where I spin my wheels.


I can't imagine flying solo again.

Yo Amendariz & Michelle Dart

Empowered Dog is an international organization committed to connecting the dog training industry by creating community, evolving education, and empowering professionals to make a difference worldwide.

Partnering with Christina for our launches has been nothing short of phenomenal.


Combining the knowledge, drive and enthusiasm we have with Christina’s insight and talent for connecting with people in the moment has been magic.


The first launch we worked together was an incredible success not only because the income exceeded 6 figures but because it also helped to solidify our brand and reputation within the industry.


Christina has been an excellent support to our students, offering several bonus trainings following launches to support them as they make shifts in their businesses.


When our students have the right mindset about their business, coaching them to make a real difference using the resources we have created becomes even more impactful. We are looking forward to many more EPIC launches together! 


Rebecca Walters

I am am about to shine a spotlight on the world of dog breeding and drag it in to the 21st Century...


So, 12 months ago before I joined epic, I had been wrangling with some business ideas, dreams and aspirations that I wasn't taking action on. That was for a number of reasons, none of which I was even aware of at the time, and this last 12 months has been a journey of illumination of growth of empowerment! It has enabled me to step into the position that I'm in today, where I am launching something that is very dear to my heart, that is going to change the industry for the better, for the dogs of our future.


If I hadn't been surrounded, an envelope with the coaching skills and passion of Christina I would not have found it within myself to be standing where I am today.


So instead of standing with an idea and a thought, I'm actually standing with the launch.

What our clients say ...

CEO & Founder of Pupstarts 

Creator of iPET Network Level 3 Certificate in Dog Breeding, Litter Socialisation & Welfare. The UK’s first nationally recognised qualification in dog breeding.

Founder and CEO at The Family Dog

Creator of Stop the 77

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