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Your deserve to be paid what you are worth, but do you know how much that is? Learn the secret to pricing YOUR services and never doubt your value again.

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Control your interactions, talk with confidence, learn how to say no AND become credible and respected authority.

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Hear from my students...

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I hear you struggling with time, money, confidence. Juggling ALL the balls and trying to get good at dogs, business AND people - its exhausting. 

If you are the kind of trainer who KNOWS there is something better out there for them - your just landed home my friend, and I'm going to help you get there.  

Join me for 5 Steps Boot-Camp. Stop struggling, start learning and up-level your business and your life.

See you on the inside,

The Dog Trainers Coach


Ready to get this party started?

I'm so glad you asked!

Because it SUCKS when you want to improve your situation and can't. 


If I can solve some problems for you, bring you money, free up your time and have your feeling in control, you suddenly have new options. You might decide (and I hope you do) to level up your learning and join me in a much more exclusive program where things get REALLY EXCITING.


It is my mission to make sure awesome Dog Trainers have the choice to get off the struggle bus, and step into their Business Mastery.


I want to free you from the limitations of money, time and confidence issues, so we can break the widely accepted myth that Dog Training is a paupers industry, and you have to be skint to really care. Bullshit. The more you have, the more you can give away. Just take a look at all my totally free programs for Dog Owners which have helped clients all over the world, because I was in a position to be able to give back.  

Even if you never join me for more, the lessons you'll learn in Boot-Camp with me will change the way you run your business forever, help you to be happier, wealthier and MUCH more effective in the work your do. 

Why is Boot-Camp free?

Can I get access If I live outside of the UK?

Absolutely! You can study from anywhere in the world - god bless the internet! 

I've only been training a short while - will this help me?

Oh my god yes. This will help any dog trainer who would like more income, more free time, to get better results AND to feel in control of their business and life again. It's what I WISH I had when I joined the industry. 


If you have a well established business, parts of the transformation will happen faster for you. 

What if I don't like it?

Dude, just log out of the course and don't apply anything you've learned. It's a FREE course not prison!


I don't think you'll be disappointed though, and if you are I'd love your feedback as I'm totally into making things even better. 

Ready for transformation?