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Check out our online Academy to find life changing training and your dog can do today from the comfort of your own at home!

Border Collie Webinar

FREE COURSE: Join me for an hour and a half of total Border Collie indulgence! The pit falls, the highlights, the mistakes to avoid, and how to get the very best out of this wonderful breed.

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The Herding Game

Specialist training to nurture and nourish the herding drive of your Border Collie. No sheep or ducks needed!

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Rapid Recall Formula

Get your dog to come back to you EVERYTIME!

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Trick Training Masterclass

Ready to increase your bond and teach your dog AWESOME new behaviors? Check out Trick Training Masterclass...

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Separation Distress

Does your dog struggle to be home alone? You need our revolutionary Separation Distress treatment program, which you can start at home today. 

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Lost Dog 101

Lost dogs behave differently. If the worst happens and your dog gets lost - make sure you know what to do to bring them home safely. 

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