EPIC masterclass series!
[free virtual event]

Starting November 3rd 2021 - 6pm GMT

YOU are Your Business... Let's make it Epic!

Join me, Christina Cass and my incredible Coaches for a totally Free 6 part Masterclass Series this November.

Let us lead you into engaging, effective, simple, LOVING growth for you and your Business!

Lets finish this year strong, and start 2022 UNSTOPPABLE!
Our promise to you is that you will leave with the inspiration, teaching and support to generate the 'aligned' momentum you've been waiting for.
Are you ready to be so in love with you business it feels effortless?

Here is what you'll learn...

Over this 6 Part Series, (4 LIVE, 2 recorded) we will dig in deep together to create magic!

We will start with discovering a Vision for your business, crafting a service you LOVE and teaching you how to Package it to show your ideal client Your True Value.  

Next we'll take the fear out of Social Media visibility with the language of connection. Remove the effort with our Social Framework, and bring your unique flavour to magnetise your favourite clients to choose You.


Then you will learn why Time is really a relationship, and it unveils your intimacy challenges. With our incredible 4 Week Formula you’ll either discover time in your day you didn’t know you had (without losing income) OR you’ll learn how to not procrastinate or ‘waste time’ ever again. 

THEN... get ready to meet yourself, and everyone you love (and DON’T love!) in an entertaining display of Human Personalities at their best (and worst!). You’ll see the gifts in you, poke fun at the silly or stubborn bits, you'll be guaranteed to be laughing, nodding along! *Prepare for lots to be explained!

You will also learn how to make an invitation for people to work with you in a way that feels authentic, easy and generous, and creates the ‘Heck YES!’ you need to begin transforming their life with their dog. 

Finally, YOU are the source of your Power. Which is both freeing and annoying when you don’t know how to use that to its full advantage! I’m going to show you how to find and rewrite the story that’s keeping you stuck. Get ready for an energetic upgrade in vibration and manifest peace, abundance and success into your life. 



The Event Schedule

Wednesday 3rd of November 6pm GMT 
Crafting Your Irresistible Service - LIVE

Wednesday 10th of November @ 6pm GMT
Social Savvy Media Mastery LIVE

Wednesday 17th November - Pre Recorded
Controlling Time - Recording emailed on the day

Friday 19th November - Pre Recorded
Personality Styles - Recording emailed on the day

Wednesday 24th of November @ 6pm GMT
System C - Selling Yourself! LIVE

Thursday 2nd of December @ 6pm GMT 
EpicLove LIVE


Meet your Epic Coaches...


Christina Cass,

Creator, Founder and CEO of EpicDog


Sasha Smith,

Head Pace Coach & Fairy Godmother


Stephanie Price,

Operations & High Level Strategy Coach


Kayleigh Stangroom,

Communications, Partnerships & Pace Coach


Hey, I'm
Christina Cass

Owner & founder of Epic, and it is my life's mission to teach purpose driven women to create a life they LOVE! 

It is an honour and privilege  to see the life changing results my clients make every single day - because 'success' is about SO much more than just the business stuff...

I'm excited to lead this training for you, so that you too have the tools, skills and know-how to create THE business and life you're dreaming of.

Welcome home my friend, its going to be a wild ride!

Lean in, absorb and implement.

There is freedom , joy & peace waiting for you.

See you in the room,

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Help! I struggle with Tech...

No problem, we'll have coaches on hand to support you. Everything will be recorded too, so if you miss out or your internet has a wobble you'll get the recordings straight to your inbox.

I'm New in Business, will this work for me?

Totally! and Welcome! This training will apply for ALL levels of business, and bonus, if you're new - you get to start this stuff right from the beginning.

You haven't answered my question here!

No problem, drop us an email to

clientcare@epic-dog.com and we'll get you looked after by the team!

What if I can't make every session Live?


No problem, Register to save your spot and we promise to drop the recordings out to you as soon as they're available straight into your email inbox (along with couple of nice gifts that will be landing in there too)


Where is the training being held & how long will it last?

You can join us right in the Zoom room and the training will last approx. 90 minutes, followed by a 30 minute Q&A. Be in the zoom room to ask your questions Live with a coach!