The confidence code challenge
[free event]

August 16th - 20th 3pm BST (10am EST)

What is truly holding you back from creating the Life and Business you dream of?

Join this totally Free Challenge to remove the road blocks in your path so that you can make more money, have time to spend with your nearest and dearest AND get incredible results for the clients you love to serve.

How often do you think to yourself...
"When will I be able to charge more for my services?"
"Will I ever be able to create the life I want?"

The truth is...

Most people are stuck in a vicious cycle of overwhelm, not enough time, not enough money, not feeling like they CAN have the life and business they dream of.

But, imagine if over the next 5 days I can help you:

  • Get Clear on the Vision. Your Big Picture Truth - because first you need to know where you are going, so that you know how to get there.

  • Personality Styles. Who You are at your Core, Who your Clients are and how to most effectively meet the human needs to take action and get out of your own way

  • Find Your Voice and Carve out your Space. Know who you are, who your ideal client is and how to position your marketing message to thrive in a busy industry.

  • Connection and Making a Difference Calls. Learn our non-sleazy sales system to enrol your ideal clients and be able to charge your worth.

  • Tackle your Blocks. Finally get unstuck and out of your own way. Turn the vicious cycle from Money problems, Procrastination and Fear into Motivation and Commitment to achieve your goals.

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Hey, I'm
Christina Cass

Owner & founder of EpicDog and it is my life's mission to teach ambitious dog trainers and business owners how to create a business and life they LOVE!

It is an honour and privilege  to see the life changing results my clients make every single day - because it is about SO much more than just the business stuff...

I'm excited to lead this training for you, so that you too have the tools, skills and know-how to create THE business and life you're dreaming of.

Welcome home my friend, its going to be a wild ride!

Lean in, absorb and implement.

There is fun, freedom and fulfilment waiting for you.

See you in the room,

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what our clients say...

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