Visibility MAGIC 

YOU are Your Business... Let's Get You Out There!

The Five Step Formula to Confidently Increasing YOUR Professional Visibility, Generating a Waiting List of Your Ideal Clients, Making a Difference AND Welcoming Financial Freedom.

Free Training starting on Monday the 21st to Friday 25th of February 2022 at 3pm - 4pm GMT.

How Often Do you think to yourself...

What I do isn't good enough, there's already other people doing this better than me, the world doesn't need me?

How do I step off the hamster of wheel and free up my time without losing income or clients?

I want to niche down into one area, and have NO CLUE where to find people? Nothing I do works. 



Are you Ready to Access your Visibility Magic?


Visibility means to be visible. To be seen. For people to see us, know us, find us. 

Simples! But - I want share with you a deep level that expands your entire business and shapes you to have purposeful life. 

I am talking about the level of visibility where you feel so confident in your own skin, your own voice and the message you want everyone to hear and see- I will share it with everyone too.

Where you reach your ideal clients easily, the ones you were here to make a difference to, who become your tribe that support and cheer you on every day. Haters won't even try and put their words in!

It's being seen in what you feel is true, to share what YOU want to share, to create whatever you wish to create without the voices of

"I'm not enough" or "what if sound stupid?"

It's to STAND up for what you believe in and against to create your version of creditability that's defined by you - no-one else. 

It's trusting yourself & accepting yourself without exceptions or apologies.

THIS visibility creates £120K Days, overflowing waiting lists and an ability to serve clients at the highest possible level without pressure on your time. 


Here's what we get to create together in FIVE DAYS...

  • Get Clear on the Vision. Your Big Picture Truth - because first you need to know where you are going, what you want, and the clients you want to work with...  So that you can share this with people who have never met you (and the magic this creates in attracting your ideal clients!) 

  • Make an Impact Online. Discover how to be seen and position your marketing message to thrive in a busy industry to attract your ideal clients into your inbox without needing Facebook likes or followers.

  • The Local Expert.  Learn the tools and strategies to becoming the go-to expert in your field, let go pf competing with other trainers and create waiting lists of YOUR Ideal clients.

  • Breakthrough Imposter Syndrome. How to influence and lead yourself through fears, worries and doubt so that you can get out your own way. Turn the vicious cycle of Money problems, Procrastination and Fear into Motivation and Commitment to achieve your goals.

  • Connection to Who YOU ARE. Together, lets bring out the magic that's inside of you and let it SHINE so brightly that you become illuminated in your space that people can't help but want to connect with you.

Meet your Epic Coaches...

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Christina Cass,

Creator, Founder and CEO of Epic Academy

Sasha Smith,

Head Pace Coach & Fairy Godmother

Clair Hickson,

Operations & Pace Performance Coach

Kayleigh Stangroom,

Relationship Manager & Leadership Coach

Zoe Kerr,

Head of Client Care & Performance Coach


Hello, I'm
Christina Cass

Owner & founder of Epic, and it is my life's mission to teach purpose driven women to create a life they LOVE! 

It is an honour and privilege  to see the life changing results my clients make every single day - because 'success' is about SO much more than just the business stuff...

I'm excited to lead this training for you, so that you too have the tools, skills and know-how to create THE business and life you're dreaming of.

Welcome home my friend, its going to be a wild ride!

Lean in, absorb and implement.

There is freedom , joy & peace waiting for you.

See you in the room,

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from our last event...

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Help! I struggle with Tech...

No problem, we'll have coaches on hand to support you. Everything will be recorded too, so if you miss out or your internet has a wobble you'll get the recordings straight to your inbox.

I'm New in Business, will this work for me?

Totally! and Welcome! This training will apply for ALL levels of business, and bonus, if you're new - you get to start this stuff right from the beginning.

You haven't answered my question here!

No problem, drop us an email to

info@epic-dog.com and we'll get you looked after by the team!

What if I can't make every session Live?


No problem, Register to save your spot and we promise to drop the recordings out to you as soon as they're available straight into your email inbox (along with couple of nice gifts that will be landing in there too)


Where is the training being held & how long will it last?

You can join us right in the Zoom room and the training will last approx. 90 minutes, followed by a 30 minute Q&A. Be in the zoom room to ask your questions Live with a coach!