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It was 2014 and nothing was going to stop my mission to make the world a better place for dogs.

I was addicted to seeing results for my clients.

Imagine this… the one woman quest to prove myself to the world by serving everyone and anyone who needed me.

It was intolerable to me that people didn’t understand these incredible creatures they shared their lives with.

The thought that someone would be stuck with their dog or give up on them completely, too unbearable to consider.

I had a S&R organisation, a not for profit and a busy welfare & behaviour focused daycare and training facility and an 8 strong team of superstar staff.  

I was making a name for myself, I felt acknowledged and valuable, and business was ROCKING to the surface.

But there was a problem I was acutely aware of…

I was charging £15 per hour, because I wanted to help, to be accessible to all – price shouldn’t be a barrier to anyone invested in helping their dog.

6 days a week, 6 121 clients a day.

By the time I’d over delivered, to everyone I was working a 72h week for about £540.

I was running out of time and energy. I got a lot of clients who weren’t invested in doing the work and truthfully, resented them for it and some days dreaded going to work.

Even if I had the physical ability to keep that up I was earning less than minimum wage. 


That wasn’t enough to ever have a slightly bigger house so that we could have family and friends to stay over, or replace our car to one that didn’t breakdown all the time, or make any inroads into our debt, or spoil my daughter and family at Christmas presents or have a stress free holiday.

That’s wasn’t enough for me to survive and look after my family, never mind change the world.

On top of that I felt like the worst parent on the planet. Not present for my child after school to make her dinner and play in the park. 

I huge guilt that she needed me – and what was getting me through it was the hope that ‘success’ was just around the corner and THEN I could rest.

Only THEN I could be “enough”.

I felt trapped in my own life and there was an even more dangerous hidden expense…

Behind the scenes I had been quietly battling an eating disorder that I was very secretive about, at it’s worst I was 6.5 stone and losing 2lb a week.

I wanted the validation and recognition that came with helping others but was losing myself along the way.  

Two bad options. These should be two good options. Growing a business which impacts lives and I felt duty bound to honour OR raising my family and being happy and healthy.

Overwhelmed in the reality of it all and fearful about changing it for the unknown and taking ‘more on’

But if I didn’t get off this hamster wheel, I was going to be thrown off it.

And I recognised that maybe, just maybe this lone wolf could ask for some help.


When I got a coach – for the first time I could clearly see my blind spots and exactly how to fix it.

My own patterns were keeping me trapped.

I couldn’t raise my prices because I had low self-worth.

I couldn’t attract my ideal client because I was afraid to be seen.

I couldn’t fix my “busy” relationship with time because I didn’t have a relationship with me.

I couldn’t accept support because I felt burdensome to have needs.

The business stuff, that’s the easy part – especially for the workaholic, you and your unconscious programming is where the work is.


I was grinding along in first gear on the motorway, because I didn’t know how to shift into higher gears.

So I redesigned what my business looked like which allowed me to leverage my time in a way I KNEW would solve people’s problems… and allow me to take care of myself along the way.

The relief I felt at having this missing piece in place, allowed me to get excited about my job again and three days later I closed £120,000 in three days and it changed everything.

I was helping 3000 people, instead of 36. I felt like finally my potential had been unlocked.

I realised that I could actually have it all

My family were safe and secure, we had no money worries, we could pay off our copious debts we could have a holiday, we could move and get a new car. Finally, I was able to turn my dial to healing my eating disorder, and the relief was indescribable.

I was able to take a deep breath, and it took the deep breath for me to notice that I hadn’t done that for a very long time.

My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner – because the prices my daughter and my husband and my family and my clients had to pay because of me thinking that I had to do it all by myself. 

This is what I teach now.

We all have our unique human stuff happening behind the scenes. Problems, anxieties, confidence… We all have our unconscious programming, habits and patterns which helped us survive and is not serving us. 

And we are busy trying to build ‘success’ on top of that, before coming home to who you are first.

My stand in this industry is that anyone can choose a powerful, passionate and authentic, business that impacts many and allows you to live extraordinarily.

Money is easy to make, and available everywhere.

Life gets to be rich and abundant.  

You just have to step back, to get a higher perspective.  



When was the last time you took a deep breath? If it’s been longer than a day or two, your next level is waiting for you. 

Blur the boundaries between, business and life.

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