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3 steps to designing an outstanding signature offer that will transform your life

Imagine if there was a way to truly transform the lives of the pet parents that so desperately need your help.

Picture yourself beyond satisfied in your work, doing what you love, with clients you adore, AND making a solid income that you can rely on.

No need to pinch yourself. This is on the table for you. You too can develop a signature offer that will make all of this a reality for you. Everyone has a signature offer within them, and today we’re going to talk about developing yours.

signature offer

What is a signature offer?

A signature offer is a program that transforms the buyer’s life. It’s a package that goes beyond the humble 1-2-1 session or traditional group classes, and brings together all the tools and resources a person needs to realise the results they yearn for.

3 reasons you need a signature program

  1. Serve fewer clients, earn more money, and have more free time

  2. Deliver exceptional results for your clients which blow them away, leaving you feeling incredibly fulfilled

  3. Enjoy the confidence and peace of mind that comes from being fully booked with a predictable income

If you’re waiting to feel confident enough or to feel ready to design a signature program, then you are not alone. So many dog trainers feel exactly as you do.

But I’m going to let you into a secret.

Once you’ve created an amazing signature program that revolutionises the way you help people, your confidence will come swanning right in. I promise.

Step 1: Defining the problem your client has

How do you design the perfect signature offer? It starts with getting into the head of your ideal client. Your signature program design must solve a problem that your client has. This is not the problem you see, but the problem as the client sees it.

You might see a bored dog who isn’t mentally stimulated. He’s causing mischief, shredding things, and eating shoes. To you, the problem may be that the dog isn’t getting enough stimulation and enrichment in their life.

But what is your client experiencing? What is the problem in their eyes? Their dog is barking all the time or tearing their things up, and they’re at the end of their tether. They’re worried about the neighbours, their furniture, and whether their dog will ever be ‘normal.’

When you’re designing your signature program, you MUST get specific.

Generality speaks to no one. You could develop a signature offer that is breed-specific, problem-specific, or even age-specific.

The options are endless. You could have a signature program for senior dogs or cockapoos, or for yapping banshees.

Choose where you can add the most value, not what you think there is the most demand for. The topic that lights you up and fills you with joy to teach is the foundation of your signature offer.

Frame the pain!

Once you’ve decided on the specific problem your signature program will address, you need to spend some time really digging into the pain the client is feeling.

This is an important step. Your signature program is going to relieve that pain and change your client’s life.

Everyone has a really good reason for not doing something that they would love to do unless it solves a massive problem in their life right now.

Now some things are easy to create pain points around, and some need a bit more digging around. If you think about the everyday life and pain of someone who has a reactive dog, there's tons of it.

They're ashamed, embarrassed, and nervous about the vet bills if their dog kicks off with another dog. They’re absolutely dreading their next walk. That’s their short-term pain.

The long-term pain is that they’re terrified they’re going to have to rehome their dog or, worse, have him put to sleep for being an aggressive dog.

We have to understand the short-term and long-term pain points of the people we are creating a signature program for, far beyond the surface-level dog stuff that we see.

Step 2: The Treatment Plan

Your treatment plan consists of 5-8 principles EVERY client who comes to you needs to address to solve their dog’s problem.

You’ve spent time identifying who your perfect client is and what their biggest problems are.

Next, you need to develop the ultimate 5-8 step treatment plan that is going to transform everything for them.

The steps that will take them from where they are now to a place they daren’t even imagine possible.

But wait, before you start dishing out well-meaning advice on your next client call, I want you to reframe what your treatment plan is in your mind.

This is a prescription, not a remedy.

You are outlining the things your potential client needs to fix the problem they’re facing. You are not trying to fix it at this stage.

You want to make it clear and straightforward enough that they get to see that the change is possible for them. The life they desire with their dog is within reach.

A sample prescription

  1. You need to understand what’s going on for your dog at a core level. You need to understand what’s motivating the behaviour so that you can change it.

  2. You need management. You need to stop your dog practising the behaviour because the whole time he’s practising it, he’s getting better at it.

  3. You need to understand the value your dog is getting from the behaviour so that you know what your dog finds most rewarding.

  4. Then you can start building on the behaviours you want based on the data you’ve gleaned from the above steps.

  5. You need to get the whole family on board so that everyone’s following the same direction and nobody’s undoing what you’re working on.

This is just to give you an idea. Your treatment plan might look completely different. The idea is to show you how you outline your potential client’s steps using a proven framework.

Do not assume this person will become a client at this point. This is an opportunity for generous trainers to deliver insightful information which will build trust. You won’t be able to solve the entire problem here. Think of it like a doctor giving a prescription, they’re telling you what you need, you then choose where you fill the prescription.

If you’d like to see an example of this in action, access our free webinar on designing your signature program here. I’ll walk you through some real-life examples so you can see it all in action.

Step 3: The Structure

So, now you get down to the structure of your signature offer. What it is, how long it’s for, and what it does. If this is your first time designing a signature program, then I recommend following our signature structure.

Design an eight-week program that you price somewhere between £450 and £895.

If you work out £450 over eight weeks, it's only £56 a week. Now that doesn’t sound so scary, does it? Especially when you consider the transformation available on the other side.

What can you put inside?

  • One-to-one element

  • Home study - do not call this an online course! Nobody wants that!

  • Community aspect - group classes or Facebook group where you bring your learners together

  • Unique extras - these could be PDFs like guides, checklists, cheat sheets, ebooks, or as big as an online library of teaching

Get instant access to our unique program design software here.

You’re going to have 8 modules. And they each need a sexy name, an outline of what’s inside and why. Use ‘You need….. Because or So that….’ to frame these.

You need to map out a very specific result that they get at the end of your program, so they can clearly see the road laid out ahead of them.

Tell your prospective client exactly how you’ll hold their hand through each step of the signature program.

Transforming your money mindset

A big barrier to many dog trainers launching a signature offer is around money. So I can’t finish this post without talking money mindset.

Because if you go into this thinking that nobody can afford anything, then you’re not going to help anybody.

Leave your biases of what people can and can’t afford at the door. Stop focusing on how you can make what you offer more affordable, and let’s make a shift.

Stop thinking about money. Start thinking about transformation.

You’re right. People cannot afford an expensive dog training program. Nobody wants that. But people will find the money to pay for big changes in their lives and to solve problems that are huge for them.

So, instead of getting all up in your head and thinking about what people can or can't afford, focus on the change that you want to bring people.

I want you to imagine your perfect client with the perfect dog for what you teach.

Focus entirely on the significant shift that lays ahead of your clients.

That's what you're going to build your program around, and I want you to leave price at the door.


You have the foundations here to go away and put together an outstanding signature offer. If you want to hit a home run right off the bat, then having a coach to guide and support you is priceless.

Our programs do exactly that. We will support you through developing your signature offer, mapping out what’s inside, and we’ll coach you on how to sell it. So that extraordinary life you want for yourself becomes a reality for you.

Remember, the best of you is yet to be seen. Let us bring the magic out.

Discover our programs and book your free call to find your best fit today.

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