The Secret to getting Unstuck: Reveal your Sticking Points with our Personality Styles Test

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

When you know who you are, you reveal what super strengths can push you forwards in life, in business, in your relationships, and everywhere you show up.

You also know what personality traits are creating sticking points that are holding you back. With our insightful personality styles test you can unlock your true potential and unclip your wings.

Do you find it frustrating working with certain clients?

Do you find it hard to knuckle down and focus on some aspects of your work?

If you want to know how you can inspire others and how you can work more effectively yourself, then it all starts with mastering YOU!

We’re going to dive into the four personality styles that can unlock and transform your relationship with yourself, unleashing the power within you to revolutionise your business. When we understand who we are and who we’re working with, we can understand how to motivate and inspire.

You can surpass your own expectations, and stride towards the life you want. This incredibly powerful transformation begins with understanding the foundations of who you are with the personality styles test.

Master your mindset and free your potential

As we dig into this topic, you’re going to learn how to master yourself; so that you can level up, understand why you’re stuck, and crucially, how you can change that.

You’re going to learn who you are, what your super skills are, and what you need to work on.

We’re going to lift the curtain to reveal what you need to leave behind because it’s not serving you anymore. It’s holding you back and it’s making you feel stuck.

We’re going to walk you through the four key personality styles; what motivates them, how they react to stress and where their strengths lie.

Not only will this help you to understand yourself so that you can level up your business (and your personal life!), but it will also help you to enroll and inspire your clients so you can drive your business forwards.

Take the personality styles test

Ok, here’s where your journey of self discovery starts. Take the personality styles test now and discover which personality style you are. You might be a little surprised!

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Personality Styles Test for Dog Trainers
Personality Styles Test

Let’s deep dive into each of the four personality styles.

It’s not about good and bad. It’s about understanding your operating style. We have preconceptions about what these operation styles mean about a person, but remember, we all have a bit of each of these within us.

It’s not the goal to hit top marks on one personality style. The idea within personal development is actually to level out. You do that by amplifying what’s working for you, flex into it, and really put your strengths to work for you. Notice what’s weaker so you can install those elements.

Let’s start by looking at the super strengths and the less effective traits of each personality style.

The Controller

Super Strengths - Controllers are very results orientated. They’re driven to achieve. A controller is a committed natural leader, and they get stuff done. If you give a controller a task, they deliver tenfold what you were expecting. They are competitive, extroverted, and decisive.

Less effective traits - Controllers go to a bit of a mean and bossy place when they’re stressed. If they’re not getting results, it’s ALWAYS someone else's fault! Controllers are very quick to blame. If things are going well, they’ll be taking all the credit, but the moment something isn’t working, there will be finger-pointing!

Controllers carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. They are usually lone wolves, who are, of course, the most important people in the world, and whatever they’re working on is the most important thing in the world. If you get in their way, God help you!

The Promoter

Super Strengths - Promoters are enthusiastic, expressive, fun-loving people. They are uninhibited, excitable, vibrant, and spontaneous. They’re a little bit flashy and like to look good. They are often entrepreneurs. They enjoy the hustle, are gregarious and extroverted. They’re also full of ideas.

Less effective traits - Promoters are a little full of crap! They fly by the seat of their pants and always have a good story! They’re quite often late for everything and are a bit chaotic. Promoters are disorganized. They’re brilliant at starting things but not so great at finishing them.

The Supporter

Super Strengths - Supporters are relationship-focused. They bring people together and are excellent team players. They are often introverted, gentle, nurturing, and kind. Supporters are excellent listeners, and they’re incredibly intuitive. They see between the lines. You can’t fob off a supporter if you’re feeling down or stressed, they know! Supporters are the glue holding the personality styles together.

Less Effective traits - When things aren’t going well for a supporter, they go into a bit of a doormat, victimmy place. The world is happening to me, and dare I say it, they can become a bit of a martyr. They blame themselves for everything and will never ask for help.

The Analyzer

Super Strength - An analyzers word is gold. If they say they’re going to do something, it’s already done! They have very high integrity and are rigorous perfectionists. They’re cautious thinkers who are never reckless. An analyzer is thorough, patient, and considered.

Less Effective traits - For an analyzer, everything is black and white. There is no grey area. They can often grind to a halt, become rigid, and pull back. They are indecisive, critical, judgey, and play small when uncertain.

Did I just take a little peek into your soul?

You might be feeling a bit exposed right now, that’s ok! This is an experience, one that often elicits a bit of discomfort and a lot of laughter as we discover what lies beneath! As we uncover our strengths and what’s holding us back we can feel a little like our soul has been exposed for all to see. But we can move through that discomfort on a path towards true success.

Your shadow side, your weaknesses, they are holding you back. But if you get in touch with this and adjust, then there is nothing that can stand in your way.

It took me a long time to scale my business because as a Controller I was far too busy lone wolfing it.

That pattern was all over my life. There were pieces in my life where aspects of my personality style were showing up, and they were not serving me. It wasn’t serving me in my business, in my relationship, as a parent, or in my friendships. I had to take a step back and really look at myself.

It’s a pretty epic story that I’d love to share with you one day. Come and join our free coaching group for inspiring discussions, tools and mindset shifts at your fingertips.

👉 Epic Coaching for Dog Trainers

How is this relevant to my dog training business?

You’re going to meet every single person you know in this; your best friend, your sister, that client who won’t put in the work, your hideous ex that you’d rather forget about. And you’re going to see people in a whole new light.

You’re going to understand different personality styles. And that, my friend, is going to help you to master enrollment.

Enrollment is one of the six distinctions of leadership. Enrollment is about causing people to take action.

If you want to achieve incredible things in your life, then you have to get great at enrollment.

This isn’t just going to level up your working relationships. You can apply this to ALL the relationships in your life. And I’m going to show you how.

The Big Picture: How to motivate each personality style

Every single one of these people is exceptional. How you show up in your relationships with these people will either amplify their brilliance, or it’ll unleash a shit show!

Are you ready? How you show up to those people in your life also affects who they become. If you have someone very difficult in your life (sociopaths and narcissists excluded!), I guarantee you are not showing up as your best with them.

The way you show up with them is the difference between that person bearing their soul and their heart to you, or coming out with all their armor in full flex.

We all need love, relationships, love, and understanding. We have different ways of behaving when we need that stuff, when we’re silently in need of something. Let’s look at what each personality style really wants in life.

Here’s the lowdown on what you need to know to support people to take action.

Controller - Task and big picture focused

The controller’s deepest fear is to be mediocre! They worry about not being the best, not being the winner. Ultimately they want to achieve greatness.

They want to be loved, to have peace of mind, peace of heart, and to have relationships that work.

Enrolling a controller has to be about helping them to achieve their next level. They don’t want to settle for mediocre. To enroll a controller, lead with results and the big picture.

Promoter - People and big picture focused

The promoter’s deepest fear is that they’ll be insignificant. They worry that if people could see beneath the mask, they’d see a void. They’re worried they have no substance.

A promoter would love to be as credible as an analyzer. Remember, they are full of great ideas, but they never finish things. They want integrity and recognition. They want to be believed.

Enrolling a promoter is about tapping into the experience and the visible outcome. Describe what they will look like if they do it, how they can show it off. A promoter wants to look good and impress people. Focus on the fun in the experience and how they can show it off to the world.

Supporter - People and detail focused

A supporter's deepest fear is that their voice doesn’t matter. They want some level of control and power, not a dictatorship level, but some sense of agency and choice in their life.

A supporter is so busy looking after everyone else they worry they won’t achieve anything, often they don’t even know what they want to achieve for themselves.

Enrolling a supporter is about bringing everyone in their life into the story. For a supporter to make a decision, it needs to benefit everyone in their life. They’re consumed with how they can serve as many people as possible. Focus not just on the benefits to them but to their family or colleagues, and they’ll be motivated to move forwards.

Analyzer - Task and detail focused

An analyzer’s deepest fear is that they will fail. They are the opposite of a promoter, but secretly they would like to let their freak flag fly a little! They live their life in a tight little box that can leave them feeling rigid and stuck. There is a piece of them that wants to be somewhat expressive and free.

Enrolling an analyzer relies on you sharing all the details. They will have a zillion questions, and they will not trust you unless you're credible. Answer every single question, or else they’ll go into a right and wrong dialogue, and that’s hard to get out of.

An analyzer must feel that they have all the time in the world to make a decision. To move an analyzer forwards, you need to minimize the decision for them, paint the picture of it not being a choice of whether this is right for them. It’s a decision about how soon they want to get started. That’s a smaller decision that is easier for them to take.

The ultimate goal

Understanding your personality style can help you see what aspects of your personality you need to be aware of. In an ideal world, we’d all work towards being more balanced across the four personality types. This takes work, and it can be challenging to reset patterns we have been practicing for years.

A quick win to master the four personality style’s advantages is to collaborate with others whose strengths fortify your weaknesses. Every team needs each of these personality styles, and then you can lean in on each other’s individual strengths.

How do you take this and run with it in your dog training business? Not just with clients but the big picture stuff?

Now you have a base idea of who you are, who other people are, and how you bump along together, you need to know how that fits into a big plan.

Unlock your true potential and start your transformational journey towards the life you want today. Book your free discovery call here and get ready to soar.

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