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Cara Parker

Epicdog is about transformation... But is not just financial and small business entrepreneurship, It is about a person with vision and passion to be able to seek out and find there true north so that success becomes so much greater than a financial windfall. It is about continuous and sustainable growth so that you can create a life worth living.. not just working. It has also shown me how I am able to live generously and fully to my heart's content. It has been life-changing in ways I was not even aware I needed. It has been by far the best stumble across the internet I have done.

Jo Hinds.png

Jo Hinds

It was one of the best decisions I have made for myself and my business joining Epic Dog. I was overwhelmed suffering with burnout, I had already a business coach in place who help me get to a good starting place but Christina, Steph and the incredible team have taken me to another level as well as the amazing support of everyone in Evolve that are on a similar journey. Keeping me accountable, making me become more business-minded and helping me get out of my own way and most importantly I have learnt how vital self-care is to run a successful business. Best investment in myself ever!

Justine S.png

Justine Schuurmans

It has been an incredible experience! The coaching and the Epic community is SO supportive. To know that you have someone in your corner with the skills and perspective to drive you forward is THE BEST feeling. Christina is an incredible combo of sharp, empathetic and motivating. I really LOVE that she's simultaneously able to push me to dive deeper into areas that need my attention, while also encouraging me to pull back in places where I spin my wheels. I can't imagine flying solo again.


Clair Hickson

Epic Dog is not just coaching, it's a life-changing community. You will be challenged, stretched and loved and it will be the best choice to have ever made to join


Peter Eleftheriou

If you are like me and think you have it all figured out and that you have every box ticked, but still are not feeling satisfied, Epic dog have an amazing way of showing you all the things you missed. Great supporting community, but the emphasis is still for YOU to show up for YOU.

Sue K.png

Sue Kewley

I started with Epic Dog less than a year ago, during the pandemic and in that time I have achieved what can only be described as a phenomenal success.

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Michelle Masters

Joining Christina and the Epic Dog team was a life-changing experience for me, literally. Both who I am and what my business looks like are unrecognisable to what they were 18 months ago. Joining the program has by no means been a magic wand, I have worked harder than ever before in my life, both on my business and myself, but the payoff means I get to live a life I have only dreamed of before and I get to change the lives of all the people and their dogs I can now support as a result.


Emma Walker

What else can you say but they're EPIC, my business has gone from dog walking/training that was barely making ends meet and when I was I was so stressed working 7 days a week to now having a training business focused in an area I have a real passion for and surpassed my income from my full time job prior to being self employed.


Anita Takacs

Christina is a phenomenal transformational coach and the whole Epic team is truly epic. She created a community of love, connection and trust. I know that I am responsible to create and shape the business in my life but without the support and guidance of a bigger team it is a dream. Epic Dog is a one in a lifetime community where no one is left behind. We laugh together and cry together and celebrate every and each of our successes. It is more than business coaching. It is life coaching to become the highest version of ourselves. Can't be grateful enough to have found you guys.

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